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Sofame Technologies holds 5 Canadian patents and 4 American patents. Sofame is sole proprietary of two of these technologies .
  • Air Heater and humidifier using Direct Contact heating principles and method of operation                            Canada 2,185,857       US 5,769,067  , 100% owned by Sofame 
  • Direct-contact water heater with "Hybrid" heat source (Hybrid Percomtherm)                                                         Canada 2,088,018       US 5,293,861
  • Ultra-High efficiency Direct Contact high temperature water heater (Ultra Low Nox )                                            Canada 2,201,259       US 5,967,137
  • Direct Contact Water heater with indirect Contact Section                                                                                       Canada 2,136,781  , 100% owned by Sofame    
  • Direct Contact Water heater with Dual Water Heating Chambers (Dual Water Heater)                                 Canada 2,229,671       US 5,765,546

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