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Stimulus Spending Fuels Energy Efficiency Investments

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Buy American: Report of Yves Poirier: LCN / TVA

Good news for Canadian exporters whose SOFAME: Canada and the United States are finally coming to an agreement on the Buy American provisions.


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Sofame Products Design

Combined Heat and Power

100 Years of District Energy:The IDEA Centennial! June 28-July 1, 2009

Sofame's team was in full action at the International District Energy Association's 100th Annual Congress in Arlington Virginia.  


U.S. Commerce Secretary Locke addressed the International District Energy Association at its 100th Annual Conference and Trade Show in Washington, D.C. on June 30.



Sofame`s team in action : AHR Expo at Chicago, January 2009


North American Workshop on Environmental Sustainability and Competitiveness- Mexico- December 2008

Sofame's president ,John Gocek's intervention on "How are corporate improvements in environmental performance influencing business competitiveness?"

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Sofame Interview : Virtual Energy Forum - New York - June 2008

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John Gocek, President and C.E O, on the Wall Street website- April 14,2008


John Gocek, President and C.E.O, on the Canal Argent - April 14, 2008


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