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Ecole Polytechnique Montreal

The Montreal Gazette July 29, 2013 ®

Energy Efficiency: An Under-Exploited Resource

Canadian Industry On-Line Magazine - October 2013 

Today’s industrial age is pumping billions of thermal units of energy into the atmosphere, and this is a secret to none. Given the high costs of finding and exploiting global energy resources today, energy waste is becoming a major concern for world economies. Recovering previously wasted, and very valuable energy to generate significant savings seems only common sense. However, marketing energy efficiency and related technologies is a challenge. Read Article


"If energy management were an Olympic sport, the team at the energy plant at Princeton University would be a serious  contender for gold."- IDEA Magazine

Targeting 2020:  

Energy stewardship at Princeton U.

Since 2003, the university has reduced total steam consumption every year. Since 2004, the university has steadily reduced chilled-water consumption (used for air conditioning), and for the past two years, it has made headway in reducing total electricity consumption. Each of these actions has directly resulted in lower CO2 emissions. Currently, peak campus demands are 205,000 lb/hr of steam, 13,000 tons of cooling, and 25 MW of electric power. These are used to meet electrical, comfort and research requirements for a daytime campus population of more than 10,000. A total of 8.8 million sq ft is supplied with district energy.  Read Article



Energy Efficiency

Why Now?


Montreal, October 1, 2009 (TSX-V: SDW) -- In July, McKinsey & Co. released a new report on Unlocking Energy Efficiency in the US.  The conclusion states that persistent barriers have restrained investments in over 100 million buildings that could result in $1.2 trillion in annual savings or 23% of the annual demand for energy in the US.  US Energy Secretary Chu wrote an editorial in a Washington DC newspaper in July calling energy efficiency not just low hanging fruit but "lying on the ground"...Read more

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