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Direct-Contact Waste Heat Up Recovery In Use in Aerodrome

Direct contact waste Heat Up recovery:  an energy efficient Aerodrome heating system.

Just a little before the year 2000, administrators of the Edmonton International Airport, in northern, Canada, prepared a multiphase redevelopment endeavour, it came as no surprise that innovative heating capacities would be obligatory for the additive edifices. The squad in charge of preparing the designs, Edmonton-based Keen/Reid/Crowther, a top priority was minimizing the costs of working a significantly larger heating plant as well as getting the heating plant to pay for itself as fast as possible through the use of the most cost efficient heating system gettable for such large structures...

The mechanical engineers conferred with Sofame Technologies. The Eastern Canada-based maker offered an action plan which submitted the potential to not only fulfill the energy economy criteria but brought in other sources for savings through the preservation of the heating water headers from the heating plant to the Aerodrome terminal. Sofame Technologies custom-engineered a system using its Hybrid Percomtherm direct-contact water heater, that bears up to 99-percent efficiency by dropping the temperature of flue gases to as low as 50 F.

Direct Contact Waste Heat Up Recovery Utilized to Protect the Planet.

Through the use of Sofame Technologies' energy efficient boiler as the  principal  brings important advantages,  Roger Steele, mechanical specialist in the Airport's engineering department, who at the time of the Airport's purchase and installation of the waste Heat recovery heating system was the superintendent of central utilities and mechanical, said.  My best estimate of energy savings is 10,000 GJ per year. The Sofame direct contact waste Heat Up recovery system enables us to supply hot water throughout the Aerodrome at average temperatures from 140 F to 149 F.

From the time we installed the Hybrid Percomtherm direct contact waste Heat Up recovery system, the Aerodrome has benefited from yearly savings totalling to 10 000 000 cu ft of natural-gas use. The fuel economies have reduced G.G.E. by 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year, which equates to the withdrawal of two hundred vehicles on the streets. The gross heating efficiency (boilers and Hybrid Percomtherm direct contact waste Heat Up recovery system) is more or less 90 percent.

The total investment in heating upgrades, amortized over a period of time of 7 years, was close to $500,000. The savings cleared to date amount to more than $1 000 000.

Up To Now, 3 airports have become more energy efficient with direct contact waste Heat recovery.
Montreal-Trudeau International Airport later became the 2th energy efficient Aerodrome to deploy So fame’s direct contact waste Heat recovery technology. Winnipeg International Airport will become the 3rd energy efficient Airport when it starts its new Percomtherm waste Heat Up recovery system early in the 2008-09 winter season.



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