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direct contact condensing stack economizer


Recuperate up to 100% of the heat in a boiler's flue gas, flue gas temperatures as low as 50 °F (10°C)

Condensing Stack Economizer

Description of a Condensing Stack Economizer

The PERCOTHERM is a "DIRECT-CONTACT", condensing stack economizer which recuperates the residual heat contained in a boiler's flue gas and transfers this heat to a cold water stream. Hot water is produced at temperatures as high as 140°F (60°C).

Operation of a Condensing Stack Economizer

Cold water enters the unit at the top and is then uniformly distributed over the upper surface of a packing of stainless steel nodules which constitutes the heat transfer zone. The water percolates down through the packing where it comes in "direct-contact" with the rising, hot products of combustion.

Both the sensible and latent heat contained in the gases are transferred to the water.


The products of combustion are generated by existing boilers.

The heated water collecting at the bottom of the unit is then pumped directly to the process, or across a plate and frame heat exchanger to transfer its energy to a process fluid. 

Applications of a Condensing Stack Economizer

Fresh air heating (via glycol loop), pre-heating of domestic water or boiler make-up water, and heating of process water.

Capacities of a Condensing Stack Economizer

The PERCOTHERM is available for connected boiler capacities varying from 100 HP to 100,000 lb steam/hr (1000 to 30,000 kW). If you require greater capacity, contact SOFAME.

Advantages of a Condensing Stack Economizer

•Very high efficiency; up to 100% (based on HHV). (Boiler seasonal efficiency improved by up to 20%).
•Maximum flue gas temperatures no more than 10°F (5.5°C) greater than cold water temperature at inlet.
•Minimum maintenance required.
•Reduced emission of atmospheric pollutants.
•No supervision required (unit is not classed as a pressure vessel).
•Reduction of installed boiler capacity.
•Can be installed outside.



Construction of a Condensing Stack Economizer

All wetted components and materials, including the unit's shell and the packing, are entirely fabricated of stainless steel, and are covered by a 5 year guarantee.

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