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Manufacturing Advantages

Sofame custom-made solutions permit flexibility by offering its customers 3 major options;

  • Custom-made manufacturing in Sofame’s facilities. Examples include UBC, University of Toronto, Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Montreal Airport, Canada Place, City Forest Products in Wisconsin, Manistique Paper in Michigan
  • Using local contractors in proximity to clients and thereby assembling the units on site. Examples include Otor, Angoulême, France and Kimberly Clark, Rouen France
  • Manufacturing directly on site at the clients location using local contractors. Examples include Montoire de Bretagne, France

In all 3 scenarios, Sofame insures the highest level of quality by supervising the project from start to finish. This has proven to be rewarding for both Sofame and its clients. Over 380 custom-made units have been installed over the past 23 years.

Technical Advantages

Combining innovative direct-contact water heating and flue gases heat recoveries, Sofame's technologies deliver between 95% and 99% efficiency, an significant increase compared to 80-85% fuel  efficiency from other systems, and flue gases temperatures as low as 50C above incoming water temperature.  Industrial, commercial and institutional applications for these technologies include space heating, domestic and process water heating, and air heating. 

  1. Increase by 10% to 20% of fuel efficiency
  2. Reduction of green house gas emissions
  3. High efficiencies: close to 100% (based on HHV)
  4. Maximum flue gas temperatures no greater than 100F (5.50C) above cold water temperature at inlet (and even lower with the Ultra High Efficiency Water Heater)
  5. Low NOX emissions due to cooler flame
  6. Minimum maintenance required
  7. No supervision required (unit is not classed as pressure vessel)
  8. Rapid unit start-up (instantaneous hot water production)
  9. External installations possible (reduction of insurance bill)

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